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Kunci Pintu Elektrik
Handle Pintu Losari (1)Handle Pintu Losari (2)Handle Pintu Losari (3)

16216-25 + 06510

Case : Steel Zinc plated
Face Plate : Stainless Steel
Striking Plate : Stainless Steel
Latch Blot : Stainless Steel
Dead Bold : Side strengthened by hardened steel plates
Operation : Power supply 12 V AC CE
E & S :
Finishing :
Others : Outside/inside pull handle only functions as door pull. Latch bolt by key or electric button from outside and by key or lever handle from inside. Dead bolt by key either side both electric button and lever handle will not be able to function

For Aluminium door
lockcase :16216-25
contact set :06510
transformator :07062 KL
additional :cylinder + pull handle / lever handle inside

Product Description

Jual Kunci Pintu Elektrik | Jual Kunci Pintu Elektronik

Produk ini sangat tepat digunakan untuk bangunan modern yang berada di lokasi sekitar pantai yang memiliki bukaan swing -Kunci Pintu Elektrik-

Website : Kenari Djaja & Raja Kunci


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