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OA312-13K US14

Spec : Body : Brass
Plugs : Brass
Pins : 10 (6 active + 4 pasive pins key bitting system)
In wear resistance bronze
In hardened steel in first position
Springs : Phosphor bronze
Key : Nickle Plated Brass

Operation : Insede: Operated by knob
Outside: Operated by key

A : 34.5
B : 34.5
L : 69
Finishing : US14
Others : Standard:
Manufactured in conformity with EN1303
Durability: Grade 6 (100.000 cycles)
Security: Grade 2

Wooden Door
High Security

Product Description

Produk ini sangat tepat digunakan untuk bangunan modern Bahan Pintu Kayu yang berada di lokasi sekitar pantai yang memiliki kelebihan High Security dapat difungsikan untuk Kamar Tidur


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